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Feb 2013
Maybe love is powerful.
Maybe love isn't a waste.
If given to the wrong person,
The feeling won't be returned.
In turn, creating the opposite effect.
Regret, depression, and sadness.
If love is given to the right person,
It seems as if the world is in your hands.
Love is always misunderstood.
Love is given wrongful names because of this.
Love generates all kinds of good.
Fulfillment, happiness, and gratitude.
Love is the key to peace.
Hate is the key to war.
Love can brighten a soul.
Love should be given out aimlessly.
Love is the best gift you can give.
Love is the language we all speak.
Not with tongue, but with soul.
Love is understood by all.
Chelsea Hopkins
Written by
Chelsea Hopkins  Dayton, Ohio
(Dayton, Ohio)   
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