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Feb 2013
We were all created by some higher power.
All religion agrees with this idea,
They just give it a different name.
We are all sent into this life.
Some sick version of a game.
Or maybe life has a purpose.
Everyone at some point has asked or wondered about it.
We each have a different answer.
But like so many other ideas,
The question of meaning has never been answered.
Has anyone thought that maybe,
Maybe this is suppose to remain a mystery?
I've read in a variety of texts that
Life has many paths to be followed,
And we'd get plenty hurt along the way.
Tell me, when you've lost all faith,
Are you suppose to feel any emotion?
We all have in some form,
Lost our way...
Along the way...
I just can't seem to find
The right way back.
For on the many paths of life are detours.
Such as love,
Which can both deceive and hurt us.
We will gain many "friends"
Along the journey.
While some will hold our hands,
And others will stab us in the back.
Our materialistic ways,
We will slowly lose,
And realize we are more than just a mere body.
No matter what I do,
No matter how much I seem to learn
I find myself wandering off the path
Each and every day,
Longing to be a stray.
Maybe that's the way things should be.
Maybe there arn't really set paths,
And I'm just wasting my time.
Searching, and countless hours of seeking.
Set on sort of permanent repeat.
Chelsea Hopkins
Written by
Chelsea Hopkins  Dayton, Ohio
(Dayton, Ohio)   
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