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Apr 25
Sometimes when it rains
I visit the Wasteland Hotel
Don’t ever go there mama says
But I don’t listen

I pack my empty bags
And I’m ready to arrive

The hotel is placed in the middle
of nowhere
Most famous spot in here

Through windows of sadness
grey turns into blackness
The doors are always closed
No chairs, if I wait

Bath full of tears invites me in
Bed of insomnia is ready
Made fresh from anxiety and stress
Best quality...

The food is great too
For a starter, panic attack is served
Then, the main course,
depression in dark sauce
Followed by, no dessert

Death smiles to me while preparing
my drink, we usually chat for a bit

That flirt!

He tries to convince me, to stay there
with him
Says that he loves me, wants me
...that’s when I leave

What a place!

Sometimes I go there, when it rains

Do you, go there sometimes too ?
Written by
Anya  25/F/London
     Darrell Landstrom and ---
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