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Apr 24
When life gets you hard
And you start to lose your sight
When you feel like sinking in a pond
Like you've fallen at such height

Peace, it is well
Smile, with your mind
Don't quarell

And remember
God is with you, He got you!
Just when we are blind
He puts His hands on our eyes
Our visions are again found
And we'll see Christ Jesus with a smile

When you understand
Yet still in fear, come,
His image in your heart
And fix ours to His
For he is Love
You've asked and now you have
Peace, He brings
Calms thy precious feelings

-   Now, beloved
Peace, it is well
Smile, with your mind
Don't quarell   -

-   "Ugu" * blob * blob
* Heart crumbling like paper,
Oneself drowning in 'water'
"How... Can I, be happier?"
Hey, hey! My friend
We'll get you out of there
Just grab my hand
... I'll be waiting
Till' you're finish in that worldly illusions   -

"UwaA, I'm drowning!
Somebody help, I don't wanna' be here"
Yes beloved that's it
I'll help you, just trust me
"Umu," * cries "why can't anybody hear me?"
No! -no my child
Open your heart, Just focus on me
"Hmm?"   Son...
"Father? Papa!"   -

-   Yes, yes my dear
Good job keep going
* tries to reach hand  * grabbed
"Hwaa-" * cough * cough
* cries * cries louder
It's alright, it's alright
You're now risen, now you're with me
"I'm sorry~!"  My Child,
Be glad! You've died and you've risen
You've been lost and now you're found
I love you, and I know you can do it
"Thanks, Papa."  * Papa smiles
Now, now, cheer up we'll have a feast  -

Oh Love infinitude
How great is thee?!
Indeed, God is Love
To future, now, and from before

You've got nothing to fear
Drowning? Losing? -Enemy?
Just go and take up your positions and God will give you victory!

-   Dear child, I bring you
Peace, it is well
Smile, with your mind
Don't quarell   -

When you ask for something
And it is in-line with His purpose
Believe and you got it
Just trust Him, His perfect timing
So why dont you just?...
Smile, He got you!
To serve people, is to serve God
Before it's creation, I was thinking of a concept, it begins with a simple encouragement, "Smile, He got you!"
God bless!
To note, the dashed paragraphs are a story,
My story, actually, Our story.
Written by
Prince eduard  14/M/Philippines
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