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Apr 23
Why did you do it, just stop right there
To leave me standing in the cold.
I was scrapped for parts, left all bare
Spending countless nights all alone
Waiting for a sign to free me from that mare
And I try not to fight, but I’ve lost the light
I’ve fallen before, but not like this,
I’ve held my own and built back up
But something is different
It’s some how changed
The pain I once felt has left and drained
Time turns left and the sky turns blue
Dust to dust, an eye for an eye.
I slowly realise. I’d **** for you
I wrote this poem one night when I was alone. I am not bright when it comes to English but poetry is about what comes from the heart, and anyone can talk about that.
Richard Graydon
Written by
Richard Graydon  16/M
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