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Apr 23
You come into my life and steal my heart like it is yours to take, and I fall, face-first into the wilderness that is your body
The dry savannah that is your soul
Parched for rain, only drinking once a year when you actually let yourself feel
But it is dried upon in patches of regrets...the "Oh, I was joking" and "You were nothing to me"
You take more than you ask for, feed thousands of beings that somehow survive on the wings of your empty promises
Are fed by the lies that you feed me every night when I wake up and you are not next to me
Still, like the sunshine you say I am, I return every single day to you to give light to your darkness
To hope that maybe someday, some of the warmth that I give will come back to me and fuel my fire
You orbit around me, and my gravity is too strong to push you away, but too weak to pull you any nearer to me
You fall prey to other stars, idolizing them like you wish you belonged in their galaxies
Call me by my name and let me read the pieces of your lips
I touch them already with my own; the Braille I read there coaxes me into believing you actually love me
Addicted to you the way my closest friend is addicted to caffeine,
I crave the touch of your fingerprints, your body, your being
Crime scenes dust for evidence of a killer; I search my skin for any trace of you
For something that would remind me that your touch will stay for seven years on my skin until it sheds itself and starts anew
I should want to be rid of you
Throw me to the vultures
Let me drown in the heat of my own sunlight
Throw me into space, watch as my features crystalize, take your eyes to my breath as my last one escapes the body you held, look at me as the last words that form on my lips even then whisper
"I forgive you."
Hope Paschall
Written by
Hope Paschall  15/F/TX
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