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Apr 23
My father taught me how to be a man:
"Male is the strong gender"
"Boys and girls can't be friends"
And "feminists are crazy hairy chicks
Solving their daddy issues
By fighting over an empty cause"

Still, my heart screamed rebellion
How can male be the strong gender
When mom is the strongest person I know?
How can't boys and girls be friends
When my deepest connections are with them?
And how can feminism be an empty cause
When women are beaten, ***** and decreased everyday?

He couldn't bend my spirit
Nevertheless, I've learned so much
With all of his wrong examples of manhood
Which helped me to be twice the man he ever was
And yet not even half as brave as those insane ladies
Standing their ground and clamoring their rights
Peter Garrett
Written by
Peter Garrett  26/Cairo
         SMS, M-E, neha, Abbie Victoria, 925 and 13 others
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