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Apr 2019
It is crazy how from one day someone can’t stop thinking about someone or something that meant so much to them. Then in over a few days it’s like they were never there, they forget you. And it hurts even more when you spill out your feelings to someone that means so much to you even though that you know that you mean absolutely nothing to them. But you know that anyways, and you still try. And it still hurts. A lot. And you know it would.
I hate it even more that I remember the days that we spent together. The amount of love that we had for each other. I really don’t know what to think much less do anymore. I feel like every time that I try and be happy there is an 85% chance that it will blow up in my face. I just feel like a fool.  It is honestly starting to feel that I can’t love my self anymore. I just feel like a failure with anything and everything I do.  
I can still remember the wishes that we had. The wishes that we would last forever. The wishes that we would be the ones that people would say “****, they are still together?” The wishes of having our own family and our own place after collage or even sooner then that. Now, all of the wishes are gone and the only wishes that I have is to get over you and to try and be happy. For myself
Written by
Aprolam  18/M/Living Hell
(18/M/Living Hell)   
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