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Apr 22
Tenderness is well spent
Like well earned money
Your deadly sins once again
Win you the royal treatment
Her eyes make me cry
For i am softer inside
Than her ******* ever were
Sad as a melancholy dream
We are collecting lies
And returning them to their mothers
What are we here to expect
When all we see is neglected
You hesitate to drift
Into a hypnagogic verisimilitude
Reality is the only food
Worth feeding to the moon
So keep using your heart to speak
Just check in with me please
Before you are ready to leave
Letting go we drift into snow covered hills
And why do we need
These lonely thrills in order to speak
Her kindness breaks down
Underneath she is angry as a cow
Like a bull in heat
You sweep through the streets
Like cattle in the marketplace
Faced with death or destiny
Instead you choose to rest indefinitely
Among the vicissitudes
Of hatred, apathy and infinite perplexity
Ganesha Michael Shapiro
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