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Feb 2013
The sound of pouring rain
Rushing wind
The steady drip, drip, drip
From the rooftop

The feel of the fresh rain
Upon my face
The chill of the wind
Playing across damp skin

The smell of damp earth
The feel of mud between my toes
The creaking of the tress
The sight of dew on grass

The warmth of fire
Gently kissing my skin
As it flickers merrily
In the wind

The rush of my hear
When thunder booms
The goosebumps that come
With the flash of lightning

Next to your
Gentle caress
Your warm embrace
All of these pale

The sound of your breath
As you sigh in content
The steady thump, thump, thump
Of your heart

The feel of your lips
Upon my face
Your fingertips
Caressing my skin

The smell of your hair
The softness of your skin
Your voice, your laugh
Your smile

The heat of your love
Making me flush
As you whisper quietly
Against my ear

Goosebumps and butterflies
Chills, warmth, safety
Comfort, love, eternity
These are the things you are

Our bodies are two
Our minds and hearts are one
Take my hand
Come share in my world.
Theron Aidan
Written by
Theron Aidan  In Between
(In Between)   
   Julie Benavides and Mia
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