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Feb 2013
Debris litter the floor
The remains of what was my heart
Black and charred
I look upon the carnage with surpisingly little emotion
Stabbed, torn, broken, beaten, burnt, used
Tear-stained face, blood red eyes
Pain in some many different forms
When will it end?
Only I have the power to stop this torture
But that "power" is an illusion
The addictions I serve won't let me leave
Stuck here, suffering, needing to know for sure
Riding this roller coaster, up and down, then back up again
I have to see where it ends,
I have to see what's around the next bend
Perpetually stuck
The good moments are heaven on earth
The bad ones are **** near hell
Which ones will there be more of?
Have to finish the ride to find out
Theron Aidan
Written by
Theron Aidan  In Between
(In Between)   
     Melanie, Donny Edward Klein and Mia
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