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Feb 2013
Fault freely flowing from their lips
A daughter blamed for the mother's sins
For many years the fault did flow
Until the day the daughter said, "No,
No more will you blame me for all this
For too many years your aim has missed."
She walked away, the day had come
She knew she'd lose many, she hoped she'd keep some
And some she did keep
Those who wanted to see
How far she would fall
And who would catch her from a height so tall
Into the new life she dove head first
For knowledge, for freedom, for truth she did thirst
But none would she find
It was all in her mind
The prison cell
In which she was held
Never knowing
Never going
Never learning
Always yearning
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Theron Aidan
Written by
Theron Aidan  In Between
(In Between)   
   Jennifer Freya
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