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Apr 2019
Love changed overnight
And he does'nt feel it now.
The boy who onced dreamed
Of ushering a kiss to
A girl with creamed lips,
Who danced in the rain
Reading lines that intertwines
With love is now smoking cigarettes
With his damped distilled lips.
As if love was what he never wanted
but trust me, this man who was once mad in love is now on the other end of the **** waiting to ******* the pain to a ******* he hired for the night to make it more likely a insomaniac one.
He who wanted his soul to be fixed,  
By the woman with whom he made tryst with, which is worthless to one tiring soul, who has given more than a heart to be torn like the wet paper boat, desolate in raindrops of tears,
Is now the guy who working for his rehabilitation.
He who forget that there is more than his heart which he never felt,
That there is a mother who is madly in love with a boy who she fed her breast to,
That there is a man who has done everything with empty torn pockets and half eaten bread for him to be a man who he wish to,
That there is a girl and a boy who he promised to protect for the etenity of time he had in this planet when he was a mere toddler.
For there is a friend who made it through with the times which were agonizingly painful to bear it with his cold heart.
And yet he forget that love that he seizes to blind is there to be seen if his eyes were never shut for eternity at all.
Donnie Ray
Written by
Donnie Ray  Navi Mumbai
(Navi Mumbai)   
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