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Feb 2013
I can't find the
words to smash in your
face like a brick,
or tie around your
neck like a noose.
I want to scream how
much I hate you until your
ears ring,
***** my hands with your
sweet nothings,
nothing but lies as
you took another
beneath you.
Was I ever
Even if I'd given you the
last simplicity of my
being, would it ever
have been
I wish my words could
slap you hard like
yours did:
"****** up",
"I could've done better".
But my tongue
bleeds with how long I've
been holding them in,
sharp like
razor blades on the insides
of my cheeks,
wishing so to carve out
yours like you did a
fifteen year old girl's
Sweet child, if only I
could hold her to
my chest, and
reassure her that she was
never the impure one.
Dani Huffman
Written by
Dani Huffman
   Kendra Hall
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