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Aug 30
Dominic Felton, I pay my tribute and thanks to him and all the others just like him who have put their
lives on
In hope of keeping us all safe from the evils of this
world Dominic Felton
survived a bomb blast In Ireland who now needs help, that he deserves and all the other's just like
But now I read he has to go through the cruel assessment system set up by this cruel
and uncaring Government just to prove his entitlement, by people who not
these Idiots can't they see with their own eyes and read what these's guys have done, there Is no respect from this
I have the greatest of respect for all these men and women who put there lives on the line to keep us safe
So I'm paying a tribute to Dominic Felton, and all other's like him and wish them all the luck In the world
so come on Government wake up to your responsibilities start doing the job you were elected to do treat all disabled the needy with the respect they deserve
"And remember this there
Scroungers In all walk of life and In truth as In your own Government
don't have the best record
I will  not say all In Government, but don't tar all us with the same brush just to save money you forcing people Into poverty kids going hungry, so shameful
when are you going to wake up face your responsibilities, I've
faced mine, to speak out because I woke up and opened my eyes to what's going on In the
And when I read of
single mother's selling there bodies for £10 for they have no money to feed their kids Its time to say enough Is
I remember the day Mrs May becoming the leader of her party outside parliament saying she was going to do all she could for the needy of this country
Talk about two-faced, come Mrs May help the needy help our serving men and women Help Dominic Felton and all other's stop saying lack of
your own MPs from your parties and other's don't seem to have a money problem when It comes to helping
to nice little pay rises "oh sorry forgot" the rise is forced upon them by a pay commission wonder who thought that little Idea
So come Mrs May get off your *** do something for once In your life follow through the policies you promised
and not the ones created  by Cowardly back stabber's In parliament the
oned to afraid to put their own campaign leaflets through your door, or maybe too lazy to get off their *** so "Come On
The Likes Of Dominic Felton" and all the other's vulnerable people you promised to help "Come On Wake Up Open Your Eyes, because  I
When are this Government going to face to Its duty to look after the vulnerable In our society the needy I've woken up to the world I've looked around and don't like what I see the most is the way this Government It's rich and treat Its vulnerable like dirt I hate them with vengeance the disgust me
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
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