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Apr 2019
Close your ears,
And in the midst of the woods,
You'll hear a soul,
As he plays his piano.

Surrounded by the mist,
By fireflies and the wind,
You'll hear a soul,
As he played his piano.

He'll read the keys,
Precisely as it said on the sheets,
Never missed a beat,
As he read from the seams,

But he felt empty,
As the notes were too,
So he closed his eyes,
And played some songs he never knew,

In the forest, his songs of gold,
went heard by many miles,
And soon full soon, they rushed to him,
The creatures of the night.

He sang of joy,
The feeling one would get,
When they missed a beat,
Uncaring of the whispers that they'll get,

He feels his heart breathing,
From all the eyes that he gets,
The creatures of the night,
They gathered round to see him vent.

But he wont care about them,
As they don't know about him,
So he sings his song of freedom,
And the binding of it,

He sings about the coldness of the Hearth,
He sings about the dead and their mirth,

He sings about the paradox,
Of happiness in love,
He sings about the promises,
When push comes to shove,

From twilight to dawn,
To the middle of the night,
He never stops singing,
Turning a moment to a while.

And when the stars came out,
To say 'hello' to him,
He smiled up at the heavens,
And graced a new start,

He looked around, the creatures,
They were hearing what he said,
So he sang about the beauty,
that one with ears would surely get.

When sunlight seeped in,
And the roses curled to sleep,
He closed his eyes,
Waiting for fate to drag him in,

As he laid his hand down,
On the very last key,
He looked up at the sun,
And told it, 'don't weep',

And when the creatures of the night,
Curled tight around him,
And dragged him away,
From his very first love,
He noticed the colours,
The back and white had made,
And couldn't help,
but let his heart,
make its very last smile.
Originally this was going to be a parody of Suga (from BTS)'s 'First Love' but I guess it's a poem now.
Written by
Cynthia  16/F/Somewhere
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