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Apr 16
darkness falls from night
i am still here waiting
after you are gone
azure veined seraphim

i think of you through this long season of my life
like swallowed ivories

you always said you did death best
and haven't made a gasp since
laid out in the field face down
my grey goddess of the wan sinless moon
smiling vacant
mud mandible
while a tempest beats the grass

are you here
shrouded wave
is the wind your voice?

a perfumed music plays

are you a smatter of molecules
a floating eye
a voluptuous ghost shaken din
in a sea of burning nights
sleep and wake
the living dead
and the dead living?

i could swear you hover
arches over arches
a continent of form
like heaving clouds
red legs and wafer thin shoulders
dancing ballet in a prismatic wilderness

flaming tongued angelic heads
burn lanterns of lust and gloom
Written by
zebra  M
     Sister Sinister, S Olson, Mack and Lora Lee
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