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Apr 2019
you were crying so much that day
tears and sweat marred
your face

when you heard my footsteps
look up
and ask

'do you love me?'

boy, i can't tell you
how much
those drops of ache
felt like a thousand beatings
to the
heart that have
always loved you
than anyone else [even you]

there is nothing to do
but hold you

framing your beauty
in my trembling palms

i kissed your eyelids
hoping against all hope
that contact
would be enough

i spent a great
deal of
my life
convincing you
that you matter

i look at you
as if
you are beyond this universe

every waking moment
was dedicated
into never making
you feel
less than your
true worth

so it came
as no surprise
that when i ask if you love me

you just smiled
and said

'thank you'
-this is too much; now i know why i felt like no value was left within
-no, well maybe, yes, (you are) partially at fault
-*******, dear
Written by
AtMidCode  17/F/Philippines
   Shannon Delaney
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