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Apr 2019
There where times In my life I knew not what I was
doing, no plan In place to not knowing to where I was heading In
But a girl that I knew from a very early age, came back Into life by chance one day the moment I saw her this girl from my past I knew I loved
But this girl called Helen I hadn't seen In years but I knew there and then I was
falling In love with this
girl from
We finally became man and wife for married this pretty girl called Helen from my childhood
for she turned me to a responsible caring husband
Twenty years did we have
of wonderful
days till the day, she was taken away but she left me with us
the son, who Is so much like his Mother when Helen departed from the life she left me
many wonderful memories
to cherish the rest of my days but I wouldn't have had anything
another way for I'm truly grateful for years Helen and I had, such a wonderful
for I was truly blessed and It's hasΒ been an absolute privilege to have known
and I'm
very proud to have been her husband and extremely proud father
of our
I wouldn't have had It any other way for I am exstreamly proud to be Helen's husband and father to our son
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
     Sarita Aditya Verma and ymmiJ
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