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Apr 15
The dingy yellow glow of the street lights illuminates my path

The cold, hard pavement beneath my feet guides me

The flurry of rain dancing around me gives everything a slight glisten

The frigid darkness blanketing the sky gives the surrounding environment a gloomy feel

My ripped black skinny jeans clinging to my thighs

My baggy ash colored hoodie loosely drapes itself over my shivering torso

My obsidian colored beanie grasping my hair and sitting upon my scalp like a crown

My dirt covered converse pinching my toes

As I inhaled the crisp air, I let my eyes flutter open

The bag that holds my most valuable item dangles at my side, bouncing on my hip as I took another step forward

Surveying the space around me, I could see about three or four people nearby, their presence only heightened my awareness

Their ragged blankets and filthy clothes surrounded them, as well as a few bags containing god knows what

After watching them for a while, I turned my attention towards the street

Those people sitting in the comfort of their own personalized vehicles, encased in their comfort

The cars passing by momentarily couldn’t care less about what was happening outside their windows

As I continued walking over the bridge, I noticed that a train was on the tracks beneath me

Its powerful engine forcing it forward

All the value hidden under old paint that is unknown to the world

So I stop and stare at the old train, busting forward, hoping that it would stare back at me

It never does, though, it only faces ahead and trudges forward

Ignoring me, forgetting me, for I am nothing but an observer to the train

Goodbye, old machine, as you do your duties well

I'll always be here, if you think you want me

Now, I am unsure

Of myself or otherwise, I don’t know,

Are these even raindrops on my cheeks anymore, or are they my inner sorrow released?
A wanderer lost to the land of mortals.
Yvonne Nice
Written by
Yvonne Nice  14/F
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