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Apr 15
Humanity's last child
Humanity's last stand
Humanity's final hope
Humanity's only savior

Everyone else died
They all got infected
The last child feels the infection too
But they have to bare through to the light

But they feel the quicksand tugging at their ankles
They see the arrows on the horizon
They can feel the noose tighten
And they can feel their body draining

But they have to go on
But the rope is tightening
But they’re humanities shining star
But they only have so much determination

So they let death succumb them
Quick and sweet
And the world falls dark
Like a blanket of infinite nothing

Please forget about them
For they aren't worth it
They were only a failure
In the end of the end
Find hope in my words where I haven't.
Yvonne Nice
Written by
Yvonne Nice  14/F
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