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Apr 2019
Wraithed in aggrieved ambivalence [.‎]

                       Sublimating We these...Cognitive denizens

(hnf)   As if by suasion alone one could convoke and vanquish such a decadent bedlam [.]

...Come now
            Shall We reminisce of Our, Gathering [؟‎]

Cowered at the gates

Disheveled...lorn [.]

Was it not you who beckoned [؟‎]
Imploring ministration [؟‎]

Ataraxia proffered, And through affliction you concurred [.]

As for such a time

   Accoutred, By this...
   Festering reservatory [.]

                      Did. We. Not. Console !?

                  ­            PROSELYTE!

your depuration inane...For We are...(hnf)

               Stigmata unto thy pneuma [!]

multi sumus
Written by
multi sumus  The Wood
(The Wood)   
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