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Apr 2019
Roses are red, Violets- a somber hue, my love is dead... "How?", you might ask.. Well.. He tripped and fell head over heels for you. Leaving me feeling quite blue.
I mean I never was dumped.... I was the one to dump... only because most of ex's didn't have any likeings to me anymore. When I was little a friend of mine said that the boy I liked was cheating on me with like fifteen other girls. I never listened...  This one guy and I were together since I was seven. I decided to secretly break up with him after a few years because of his abusive actions. I hardly got to see him so I couldn't get time to break up... After seeing him for the last time.. I told him that I was breaking up with him, he responded saying, "I forgot all about you.. I have a girl now.." .. And his friend kept on asking me why I broke up with him... (he was also there) I said, "First of all I haven't seen him in two years, he forgot about me, and now has another girl." .. His friend kept on asking though.... I guess I never truely loved him anyways..
Summer Shellhamer
Written by
Summer Shellhamer  15/F/Pottsville PA.
(15/F/Pottsville PA.)   
         Cherry, Christos Victor, ---, Ray Dunn, Nimrod kiptoo and 1 other
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