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Apr 2019
A silent tic toc, is all I could here
Gasping for fresh air
I tried to move silently
In the middle of nowhere

The dried leaves crackled
As if someone was near
Stopping myself to hear again
I started trembling with fear

It was so dark to even see myself
I felt for my pocket to check my phone
My fingers all wet with blood
I could now hear a silent moan

My other hand, a complete numb
Like I could barely recall anything
I dragged myself a bit from my hide out
There, stood someone or something

With not much of energy left
I thought to stay hidden till morning break
What dangers, the night brings
It surely triggers and takes

Day Break
The chattering of birds
Came as a ringing alarm
The night has passed away
With needles stuck in my arm

Clueless of how or what happened
I tried recalling the events
The welcome party bursted
With fire engulfing the tents

A stampede suddenly broke
And some masked men started injecting
They all had needles in hand
No words ailed, just projecting

A hoax invitation, a false party
A preyed group lured in an experimental act
What was injected, is unknown
But many perished as a fact

I must have ran down to the jungle
Falling, hurting and hiding myself
The sun is well up to see
In a distance, someone admiring herself

The scene was shocking
As most leaves turned red with blood
My head still hurts bad
Like am afloat from a flood

The next hours went in abyss
As cold crept through my veins
I am alive or not
Are those, remains?

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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