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Apr 2019
When introverts ruled the world,
Everyone went home after work on Fridays.
Traffic improved on the streets and highways.
Road rage was a thing of the past.
Poetry sites exploded with new members.
Sales of books and video games went up.
Studies in philosophy, psychology, art, music and writing went up.
Socializing and gossip at work subsided and production went up.
Abusive empty charterers were cited.
No loud music or parties that keep neighbors up were aloud.
Conversations were no longer one sided.
Those who rarely spoke finally were heard.
Classrooms had more participation, rather than the usual
loud mouth students taking over, making the shy students quiet and withdrawn.
Being an extrovert became frowned upon requiring therapy to learn to control any spontaneous outbursts of loud talking and rash energetic forms of behavior.

Introverted experts wrote articles and books on how to educate and control constant chatter and the desire to outshine others.
Anxiety went down for the introverts and also the use of alcohol, tranquilizers and sleeping aids.
On the other hand extroverts became bored and had to learn ways to keep themselves happy and amused.

Psychologists saw many extroverted patients, who suffered from boredom, frustration, sadness and suicidal thoughts.
Therapist recommended the extroverts to meditate, take new hobbies, crafts and poetry to keep themselves sane.
Many also had to take classes on hesitation, over thinking, being more in their heads and how to conduct fewer but deep conversations over shallow ones.Β Β Extroverts had to find secluded places in order to conduct themselves in a loud manner with other extroverts.

Only introverted presidents and government officials were chosen.Β Β These new presidents and government officials were sensitive, intuitive, empathetic and conscientious towards the well being of the citizens and the earth.
Wars were only read about in history books.
The peace and quiet that rained on the planet was such a welcome relief for the introverted citizens of earth.
Please take no offense dear extroverts, this is all just in fun.
Had a hard time sleeping so I started writing last night and it got a little
too long for a poem.
Luz Hanaii
Written by
Luz Hanaii
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