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May 2019
Female now,
           I feel it
                      I don't know how
Or if I fit

         I put on a smile
         Twist my hair
                   I change my style
                                    And give off a different air

                Now I'm male
                A distinct feeling
                    No longer scared to fail
         My confidence reeling

I laugh carelessly
Loud and bold
              Everything so freely
               A smile of gold

                              The gender slips away
                                And I am left agender
                              My feelings sway
                                                My heart and soul so tender

                                                I go about in a quiet way
                                            The scenery I'm drinking
                               Throughout the day
                                        Feeling and thinking             

             Both rush back
          At the same time
           It feels like an attack
     Like a serious crime

             I can't decide what to do
       A wild aura erupts
                         I jeer and laugh right on cue
                        My sense of self corrupt

                          It's called genderfluid
              I'm not confused
                 I decide to keep it hid
                 Because for it I'd be abused

              My soul is not content
            Living in one way
                      It needs more extent
                                         And leave behind the cliche
Written by
idiosyncrasy  16/Androgynous/in the footnotes
(16/Androgynous/in the footnotes)   
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