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Feb 2013
Hello life.
Hello again death.
How have you been?
I've had my ups and downs, yourself?
I'm fine.
I see you're still alone.
What did you expect?
A friend maybe?
I have you.
I meant other than just me.
You are all I need.
Well I think you are too lonely.
Then stay with me longer.
You know I can't.
Then I will be content with my loneliness.
I wish you wouldn't.
I'm­ fine with this.
You know I'll be fine.
I know, but it's still sad.
Don't worry.
I can't help, but worry.
Then forget me.
I could never forget you.
It's a shame isn't it?
Never, I'm happy to have you.
You're the only one.
Maybe, but we need you.
A needed hate?
A needed love
I wish that was true.
It is. For, you show us what we truly love.
By taking it away?
By letting us remember.
Then I should take that too.
You really don't want anyone to love do you?
Why should they when I could never have you
That's not fair.
You never are.
Well, goodbye life. I'll see you again soon.
Yeah, goodbye...
* love.
Earnest A Roberts
Written by
Earnest A Roberts  California
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