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Feb 2013
It was a lifetime ago since we last spoke,
One month, twenty-three days, ten minutes, thirty-six seconds to be exact.
The silence you left between us filled the empty parts in my heart.
Waiting for the day, the time when you would possibly miss me too,
I needed you to stay.
It was a sunny afternoon, when I saw you hand in hand with someone new,
All I wanted was to tell you,
tell you how much you missed, to thank you,
thank you for the memories of a love that wont fall through.
And in that moment I  could've sworn we'd never be the same again,
It doesn't matter what you say or what you do, it'll always be her over you
No matter how hard you try to make him see she's not right for him, that other girl will always get to be his and you'll be the one he runs to for a shoulder to cry on but what if, what if it's not enough anymore?
The Habits of My Heart
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