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Apr 2019
If I’m crazy
You made me
If I am a child
You didn’t raise me
Calling me a liar
Doesn’t phase me
I caught the disease
From the toungue
That licked me up and down
Like a cone melting
You say I changed
No, you killed me
Crawled up off the floor
And kept going
You can keep stabbing
And pushing me down
But here I go popping back up
Like the ******* inflatable clown
It doesn’t matter what you do when I’m
You can’t hurt me anymore
That blood on the floor?
It’s just melted jello and I am licking it up
With a smile on my face
Asking for more
So dig deep
Take your best shot
Blow after blow
I have a secret you don’t know
I am you
Your body
Your soul
When you killed me
It was suicide
Wash your pride down with
When you speak to me
Put a mirror on my face
You am I kidding?
You still won’t see
You see want you want to see
You sure as **** don’t see me
Written by
Marie  34/F/Ohio
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