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Apr 2019
Looking in a mirror
I saw the back of my head
I saw how things will end
Long after I am dead

I saw the mountains crumbling
Reduced to gritty sand
Transported to the oceans
Until there was no land

The Seven Seas were one
And covered all the Earth
Our past erased by water
A planet in rebirth

The atmosphere was heating
At an ever increasing pace
The ocean started boiling
And blew off in to space

A rocky ball in orbit
Spinning around the Sun
Like many worlds before it
Whose course had finally run

Then out of the cold black ether
Too random for understanding
A force came to bear in an instant
Unopposable, and demanding

Pushed from it's usual pathway
By an ancient asteroid
Earth was sent on a tangent
Into the mysterious void
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Looking in a mirror
Some answers came to me
But I don't know all the questions
And what will truly be

Everything we know now
Will see it's end of days
The meaning of life eludes us
It did...Β Β and will always
Written by
Herb  65/M/Florence, KY
(65/M/Florence, KY)   
   Andrew Rueter
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