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Apr 6
she stands
on the edge of the forest,
looking out over the cliffs
at the lights littering the skyline
stretching further beyond than she'll ever know
out, out, out into the darkness;
tiny people in tiny houses,
with such tiny lives so full of love.
she is exposed, but so very alone
that it doesn't really matter right now.

amber fur rustles gently in the evening wind,
battle scars scattered across her skin
from every wild animal that ever dared challenge her;
they dare no more.
behind her, things are moving deep within the forest
but she is happy to leave them be -
she knows they will grant her the same courtesy.

there's a cliff somewhere,
on the edge of a forest,
on the edge of the world;
heart torn and beating,
she stands,
ever watchful and guarding.
nightmares in her sleep
and monsters when she wakes,
and still
she stands.
for j.v.
Written by
Beth Bayliss  17/F/England
   Fawn and JaxSpade
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