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Apr 2019

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me

Placing a bouquet of LOVE flowers
Within my heart's vase

And rode away on my
Golden heart chariot

Even with a restless soul
Heart beats galloping fast
BELOVEDz trusted me

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me
To kiss me with pink petal lips

I listen to those jingling anklets
While LOVERz walk and run towards me

With a garland sewed out of her gazes
BELOVEDz adorned me with thousand desires

For sole LOVE's reason BELOVEDz unlocked
The gates of life's prisons for me

The haunting nights were over now and
The fantasy world of our dreamZ lives on...

BELOVEDz carved a name on my heart
With the sharp shards of broken pieces
Of her own heart and colored it
With her own blood red

With each inscription carved
On me by my BELOVEDz
LOVE & LOVING pained a lot but
Healed my broken heart's scars

BELOVEDz repaid with due interest
To the LOVERz LOVE & LOVEz debt

BELOVEDz came and provided me
A lap to sleep on
The bosoms to hide me in
The lips for me to drink her nectar
The breathe for me to LIVE forever
A womb for me to be born again

BELOVEDz surrendered the being to me
To fulfill all our wishes & desires

I placed my eyes on the path
And played the strings of music
With rhythm and melodies of LOVE

Now I live within the inner being
Making dark nightz within BELOVEDz hair
Making bright dayz within BELOVEDz gaze
Transforming me into a life-long ETERNAL LOVERz

Now I don't want to wake up
My heart filled with BELOVEDz desires
I live and die for every single word
Uttered by my BELOVEDz

BELOVEDz stays as
Visions in my eyes
Prayers on my lips
Chants of my worship
Music of my heart

BELOVEDZ came and deposited LOVE
Never to leave me again

My eyes, my heart, my being
My soul, my spirits are
Fixed only on my BELOVEDz path

My BELOVEDz came to soothe me

Placing a bouquet of LOVE flowers
Within my heart's vase

And never left me again...

Melancholy of Innocence
Written by
Melancholy of Innocence  Planet Earth
(Planet Earth)   
       Jules, ---, ---, Sarita Aditya Verma, Fawn and 2 others
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