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Apr 5
(NaPoWriMo Challenge: April 5, 2019)

Does every villanelle have a villain?
Does every corporation have a crook?
Variations of rascals we must fill in,

Missions, visions and values for the killin’
And pardons to get ‘em off the hook?
Is every captain one part villain?

Professing family values but all too willin’
To trip the rival or cook the book
With every pernicious deduction you could fill in?

Resembling the goodly they’re so skillin’,
Pillar of the communities of mask and rook,
Second to none but a theological villain.

There’s a place where these souls should be grillin’
For all the pocketbooks they’ve took,
The loop holes they omit to fill in,

Those offshore dollars dutifully chillin’.
What to do when consumer confidence is shook?
When news men denounce every C-level villain?
Employ some innocent temps to fill in.
Prompt: Write a villanelle
I'm trying to stick to my monthly theme of office poems and still do the daily prompts.
Mary McCray
Written by
Mary McCray
   ConnectHook, Fawn and victoria
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