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Apr 5
What happened to the rainbow people.
Corruption planted itself in government and grew higher than the Real yellowwood
Striking and burning necessities is our new flag
Strangers with the right to be here are Ashes
Strangers with plans are supported for their abundance of drugs
Hospitals are important; said the tavern
Burn it down; said the proud people
The elders should be respected; said our parents
**** and record; said the killers
Let's go viral.
Police will always help you is taught by schools
Only help after 3 hours replied Police academies
School is an endangered topic
Youth falling victims at the hands of the very people who are supposed to care for them
Children hurting teachers
Teachers hurting kids
Welcome to a journey of wonderful education that is years behind on information
You learn to **** or cheer the killers
Depending on moods
We show our competitors that we weak
We can’t stand together when we need
We frown at fleeing springboks
We smile as we step on our Protea
So much has changed
The rap game is to shame others
The new songs can't be related songs
Only hyped up words of courage in ***, an *** is an ***
Country getting touched by a man spinning in front of cops as kids get beaten and murdered right under their nose
Criminals are charged after a year
Murders have learned about bail
Justice is an old topic
Fathers being cheered for young girls
Mothers hunting for fresh boys
Cheer on, cheer on.
Who you are is not accepted unless you funny
Your gender is a disgrace unless is trending
You have no voice unless America says it first
Geniuses lie amongst us
Bullied to not think
Every day someone is shot.
Gun and Camera
A country filled with videographers and darkness. Eskom
How to record in darkness is what we do best. Our Motto
Everything is funny until it happens to us. Our reality
I wish for the world to learn.
Written by
Mercia  22/F
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