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Apr 2019
You know
I never really got it
Stress, anxiety and all those things
I thought they were mild feelings
And a good sleep could cure it all
Until it happened to me
It's true what they say
"Don't know what you got till its gone"
But to me it was my confidence
My sanity
My cool and calmness
All of a sudden it was hard to just relax
Hard to work
Hard to be loving to my girlfriend
To sleep
To wake up
To enjoy the burning sun
the warmness on your skin
Good thoughts
Days felt weird not normal
being myself felt...difficult
All I wanted to do is stay locked up at home , in my dark roomΒ Β 
I can say I get better everyday
At least I hope

You know
I never really got it
Thought it could be cured with a good shower

Now I just feel happy when I get an hour that I feel like myself again
This wasn't really a poem
But writings things down
Always help
Written by
REAL  22/M/....
   S Smoothie
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