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Apr 4
Of course I’m sad she said as the last few tears rolled down her pink tinted cheeks
I’m grieving the loss of someone..I thought  it was meant to be
I thought wed last forever.. I thought we’d overcome .. I thought that we had won and the race for love was done
Id spent my whole life searching for someone to be the one
I thought in you I’d found him but in the end I realized i was wrong
I ignored the signs and the red flags
I thought his heart was mine
It’s true what they say.. love is completely blind
I couldn’t see the truth Through all the lies
He came to teach me lessons about this life of mine
He was never meant to stay.. his heart was never mine
I loved him and that love corrupted my beautiful mind
I worked so hard to keep our hearts aligned
But in the end I realized like butterflies.. you have to let them fly
Written by
Amber  31/F
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