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Apr 2019
You and I are as thick as thieves
So I know your nightmares  

You've tossed and turned
Your eyes burned
You rolled and churned
Your sweet dreams were thrown away
And nightmares took their place
The sweet tunes of a lullaby seem to continually fade away
Like you no longer have a special place
In the
Musicians heart.
I know what you face  

From burning hot like fire, everything turned as cold as ice
From wings taking you higher
To being unable to devise
Solutions to rekindle the fire
"This dream has never been yours"
They say
"Had you been a little wiser
You could have owned it," you hear everyday  
The words have turned into the monsters you fear
Mermaids, centaurs, mystical creatures
With long nails, sharp teeth, unrecognizable features
**** joys, depressants, unforgivable teachers
They've scarred you, marred you into an inexplicable stature
But I watch you nurture
The pain 'til it's a part of your nature  

Surprisingly I'm the one fighting everyday
Hoping you won't fail
You're the one in prison denying yourself bail
I'm trying to make you run the sail
But you're walking the plank
Yet I still see a captain in your soul
Every time you come to me in pieces
I'm puzzled
How anyone can fail to accept you never ceases
To leave my mind boggled
Because I understand the colourful 'patchwork' that is your heart
And instead of confusing, raggedy mismatched pieces,
I see a rainbow.    

Miss Fit
Life gives you those people who fail to see their worth and sometimes it's worth it to remind them that you know what they go through.
Miss Fit
Written by
Miss Fit  22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe
(22/F/Harare, Zimbabwe)   
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