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Mar 30
So many thoughts racing
I just keep pacing
These devilish thoughts are the ones I'm facing
So i just gotta turn away
No i aint runnin
But im starting a new day
I sent my demonds out to play
I locked the door behind them and told they could not stay
I put my emotions in a box and sent them away
I look well and alive but deep inside I don't wanna face the day
I wanna lock my self in a room
Because I still got missory and depression knocking at my door
I got anxiety and bi polar creeping threw the floor
I can't go back to the old me but he has me pinned to the floor
I can't take this ******* any more
Foot on the gas and it's to the floor
Trying to stay on track
But the simple little crack turns into the canyon
I feel so deserted an abandon
Family don't even notice it or care
Friends are hardly even there
Felt like I was almost there
The top was in reach
Now I gotta find every peice of the puzzle again
New shapes
New peices
Written by
Zero Chase
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