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Mar 2019
Without you, I fall limp.
I’ve got no mind of my own.
Dead, soulless eyes.
You are my home.
I’m a puppet on your strings.
Every movement you control.
Every word I say.
Everywhere I go.
When I break free,
You reel me back in.
Can someone help me?
I’m not really asking.
I'm there for everyone to see.
Center of attention.
But it's the puppeteer they care for,
Not his invention.
Turn me into the perfect doll.
No complaints.
I'll follow you blindly.
No restraints.
You're the leader,
And I'm the follower.
You're in front of the line.
And I'm just trailing behind.
When you want to be free...
But at the same time, you don't.
Written by
Ruheen  14/F/Can't go anywhere
(14/F/Can't go anywhere)   
   PoetryJournal, Fawn, Lilah and plumlia
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