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Mar 2019
I. fence
A coffee-brown fence obstructs the
view of a backyard concealed behind
Textured like the delicate patterns of
roasted beans

II. paw
An inquisitive paw latches on to the
top, a drizzle of caramel and vanilla pattern
Claws extend, some spider silk that
extrudes, digging into the flesh of the fence

III. cat
Suddenly, the cat's head shot up like
a lethargic body jolting from a nightmare
Caramel drizzle and vanilla colored,
its emerald-green eyes pierce me

IV. stare
As both of the cat's paws grip on to
the stubborn fence like an ice axe
A surge of energy thrusts the cat

V. retreat
Unable to proceed beyond the fence,
The cat retreats to its territory, again

Yesterday, I saw a cat appear on the top of a fence. I thought that the cat would make it to the other side, but nope.
Written by
Osiria Melody  19/F/California, USA
(19/F/California, USA)   
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