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Mar 2019
Its been two weeks since I’ve been using .. and honestly, I thought I could never stop abusing. The first time I used, I was so high. It made me believe you were the cure to all my pain so I sat there and saw how you started controlling my brain. I felt so happy, so in love that I felt like I could fly. I started using more, just to escape from the problems in the real world. I was floating away to another dimension, possibly my dream world. It became part of my routine, if I didn’t have my daily dose, I caused a scene! Everyone said this drug had me afflicted but nah, nah... you think I could be addicted? ... No! I swear im fine, I promise. But ayo, you think I can get another line?

Look at me, look at the person I came out to be, this wasn’t the person I wanted you to see. Please wait, one more date, one more line to replace the pain. I swear ill give you all my love in exchange.
But now I’m all alone, an my heart feels like its becoming stone. I’m keeping all these feelings in my chest and the demons surrounding me are playing with my emotions like some game of chess...

But you know what?
The recovery of this crave will release my brain from being your slave. You made me believe all the lies you said, as my addiction for you just spread. But while I cried, I came to recognize, the love you had me was always just a lie.

A lie I was addicted to.
Written by
Jet  F
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