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Feb 2013
Sometimes when I am sad
I go home and I watch sad movies
I give and snivel out snot laced tissues
of worthlessness

I cry tears of pain
But not because of what Character A has done to Character B
But because of what mother and father
have done to me

I am tired of turning away
I am tired of being strong
I am tired of being second on your to do list
I am tired of your misogynistic comments

So I press play again
And **** in worlds of fantasy
Because it's easier than coming to terms with my reality
Easier than ******* it up just to be handed a second serving

So no, I'm not done with this particular movie
Yes I know I have seen it 12 times today
And in a moment I will make it 13
If you touch this remote you will taste regret in the blood that comes out of your gums

The only thing you can help with is getting me another ******* box of tissues
I didn't come here to face my issues
I didn't come here to be strong
I came here to be weak when no one else is looking

So please ignore me.
Please pay attention to the smile I plaster on my face
The clothes that become a second skin in the morning
And the words that come out of my mouth border lining a scream

Because it's easier
It's easier than facing it alone. Where is my princess?
Where was my coat of armor when they threw me in the dragons lair
My life was supposed to be a fantasy book but someone forgot to write in the happy ending

And if it's not a fairy tale please let me pretend
Because I already know the answer that every life is a tragedy
Because everyone dies in the end
I just wanted a prince charming to die with me in my sleep but I guess i'm sticking with *****

There is no happy ending
And there is no neverland
There's just you and me and characters a b and c
So someone please change the ******* channel and get me out of here
Dustin Wills
Written by
Dustin Wills
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