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Mar 2019
when the rainbow appears,
the birds fly above and the clouds disappear
the memory strikes in and the the feeling leans
the moon shines through the windows and leave me glowing in the dark

the stars are align and the light is making me blind,
the flowers bloom as the sun hits
my heart beats as your smile is in line
my eyes are closed when I feel your touch
and my roses are velvet when you're smiling too much

it took a year to get away
it took a decade to drive away
it took a while to step ahead
but it took only a second,
just a second to write this poetry
just a second to write a song
just a second to imagine
and just a second and you can see me beside you in tears that are already clear

an angel,a devil;
a Paradise with a little bit of Hell
a pair of eyes and I can hear a bell
a gleam of smile and I can already tell
a gold star that I see when I look up
a gold moon that I want after a break up

Aphrodite with a little bit of Zeus,
that's me
that's my personality
that's how I breathe
that's how I live
and that's how i live within the breeze

a glimpse of sunshine on Friday night
a storm of fire on 11:31 in the night
a forgettable memory
a short-term period
a pout on the lips that I crave
a white crystal skin that is brave
and 7 perfect things that I admire
and a blue heart that I always desire
but you're not the one that'll stay
you're not the one that's warm
because you're just a forgettable, a lovely-hate alarm.
Written by
Axel  14/M/Malaysia
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