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Apr 15
When you fall in love,
Everything seems to gain a deeper meaning.
Like when a song plays on the radio,
That you listened to with them that one time.
Just hearing it,
Can bring back happy memories.
Or when a simple word or phrase
Pops up in a conversation,
Or in your head
That makes you smile upon hearing or thinking of it.
Even an item in a store
That you go into,
Not planning on buying anything at
That calls out your name
Because you know that they would love it.
Going to certain places,
Also brings back nostalgia.
People might get mad at you,
For being so focused on the one that you love.
They might criticize you,
For not focusing on your future instead.
But deep inside, you know that you are,
Because they are your future.
Everything that you do,
Is for them, and for you.
All of your decisions,
Come not without thinking of them,
And how it would affect them.
Because when you fall in love,
Everything gains a deeper meaning,
And it feels good.
Written by
Mar  18/F/SC
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