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Mar 2019
You're the best in the whole universe, figure, hot, juicy, hot, **** babe, exciting men attractive Panther. You **** temptation in flesh, do you lust of men as sweet persik- seksik- muffin) Buuuuuuuuuuuum) Boom Chica Boom) brain explosion by your beauty. Now, with a sharp rap beat: boom-boom) you most cherished desire of man, boom-boom) you now male happiness, boom-boom) You're a **** magnet hit by your soul in heaven soars, boom-boom) and heart hot flame is lit, a boom-boom) and knocks faster and faster, and your soul gets from it a little bit lighter. And I want to tell you frankly that I wish love and happiness, always good mood and a large increase of the social, human and sea delights, because in front of you does not simply resist. I think it looks so real standard of beauty, where not everyone can reach that height, class) This way you need to be on hand, so easily and gently, as if on clouds. The wonderful princess, little delicate fairy, cute angel light) heaven. It is safe to say that life is good, if there's such a girl like you. Because there is nothing more beautiful than you.
After all, you have such beautiful eyes, such a gentle, warm, alluring sensual look (hypnotized) .Pravdu ...... saying you just wow) I wish you happiness, health, love and success.
There is nothing more beautiful than you, and your hair. They could blossom flowers, such as beautiful as you. Look your gentle eyes, infinitely deep and beautiful, wondrous charm of the East. The skin like white gold. Your wonderful voice, I would like to hear this marvelous east melody that is replete with unique sound, all the time. You're like a rare flower with a delicate hint of fragility. You are like a beautiful goddess with a distant, unknown worlds. You're like a star with the distant Universe, and my love is so great and so deep as the universe itself. And every star it is a bright idea about you. You are in my heart forever, for all time, your love I need you like the air, because my heart is only a dream about you. After all, you are the most beautiful of the ever created creation god. I do not have enough and a thousand words, and the words of a thousand poets to describe your infinitely wonderful beauty. Your divine beauty crown of nature and art.
You are so beautiful, I'll give you the key that will open any door in my soul, be compassionate, bold, with a deep understanding of looking at all that you see there, because on the one hand funny and frightening on the other. You're a beautiful shine. Oh how wonderful this gentle shimmering sheen. What radiance and beauty in you. How beautiful shimmer paint feelings in your heart. How beautifully you decorate this world is. Yes, you're beautiful inside and out. In your eyes I see a world in which one wants to live next to you. Seeing these amazing eye striking with its beauty, you are the most beautiful flower in the world, so rare, so beautiful. You are the most beautiful pearl of the ocean, the brightest star in the entire universe. Be yours to be close to you, is happiness, because you are the light of happiness on earth, it is a paradise on earth. In my opinion, you are absolute perfection. And my love for you is so great and many-sided. You are infinitely beautiful. Your lips and skin is sweeter than any candy, your eyes are more beautiful than any jewels. The skin as gently as pure as petals of flowers, I think you're the perfect idol beauty. Believe me, you're just in this universe you were perfect.
You're sweet temptation unique moment beckons again and again your beauty and tenderness. Pure, tender and touching as the beautiful swan, majestic, sensual, beautiful lioness. You just neobizhaysya me but you're so fine that even Slyunkov flow.
You're perfect, you're out of the competition, perfectly unique beautiful creation, you are glamorous shine) shine) shine) You're a wild imagination and awareness resonance burst from your unique infinitely beautiful shine. Delicate beauty that beckons to his pure love, you want to want to see again and again. You're a princess, you are the queen, you're the Empress, you're a goddess, you're the boss) You're the boss) You're the boss, the boss, the boss) You are the most beautiful thing in this world.
You are the best gift of heaven. Charming Lady men's hearts.
Enchanting, so exotic, so cute. You are a pure form of perfection. **** senorita, mademoiselle charming, graceful model, radiating the energy of love, the force of attraction to you is incredibly high, and to your charms impossible to resist, because you're very charm, the very charm, beauty itself, perfect.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
Written by
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