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Mar 23
Her Wandering Spirit wanders through the wilderness of love in desert
A sip wine in her pocket
Dripping from her Lover's lip
Girl drinks that wine
Surrounded with a festive environment
Walk ships and pour on the sands
They in-line like soldiers
Where is here?
Songs, cartoon trees and instruments
With all of your vivacious
Her love makes rain
And makes pearls fall from sky

My sweety
What it'd be awesome to touch
To hair that will pour the pearls if i touch
falling down to ocean when open your eyelids
swimming... Swimmingggg

i can't reach
What a romantic to be able to dance among your eyelash
  there would be poetry smell on your skin this night
  I feel...
  Let the oceans be filled with wine pouring down from your lip  
  Let the all creatures dance
  Sky is crying to be able to touch the sea
  Oh mon amour!
  Let me being night to be able to be  blanket for you.
  Let me touch to your hair which like sun.

  Everything is on the dance this night
  The old lovers are dancing by throwing walking stick
  And she opened her eyes
  Dream got over
  Just desert and hot
  And lonely...
Ilayda Aydın
Written by
Ilayda Aydın  18/F
   mercy party
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