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Mar 2019
Today, the sky was sunny and bright.
Like ice cream, cold but light.
Then, the sky turned gray
as the wind and snow welcomed the night.
I look up, down and around
and wish I didn't feel so helpless here on the ground.
I can't control the weather. This is true.
But there are things I can control and so can you.
We can control what we learn.
We control what we write.
We control whether we run or stand up and fight.
We control all these things and so much more.
But you never know what life has in store.
One more thing to think about.
If we could control everything,
life would be so much duller.
Maybe that's why my favorite thing I control
is how much of the world I see in color.
Written by
Zack Ripley  28/M/14487
     XuuL, Keiri, Molly, harmony crescent, Leemmk and 1 other
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