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Mar 2019
He's unlike any other.
He's outgoing but shy when he wants to be.
Easy to miss if you don't know where to look.
He's got eyes that pierce your heart.
You look into them and you can see everything he is;
the happy and the sad.
His smile is perfect.
His smile makes your problems melt away.
His small bursts of excitement are ones to make your spirit jump.
Maybe he doesn't mean much to many but to me,
he's everything.
Every exchange of words opens a new door that was once bolted.
He's taller and older but age is but a number right?
If we were just friends I'd be ok.
Because just to know him is enough for me;
but what would it be like for his gaze to shift and tables to turn?
For him to look in my eyes and see a world of possibilities?
For him to see my smile and smile too just because he knows it was all because of him?
What would it be like for him to be the hand I reach out for when I feel alone?
Or the arms for me to be in for the reassurance of safety?
Honestly, I just want him to know that I see him.
All of him.
I see the little things and admire them all.
I notice when he's missing before anyone else;
not because I like to look at him from across the room, but because the room changes when he's in it.
He's a boy so pure I wouldn't even be mad if it wasn't me.
Just to see his smile, to know he's happy, well that's all that matters to me.
Anina Chanele
Written by
Anina Chanele  18/F
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