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Mar 22
Just heard today of a bomb being found In the post office In Ireland bound for London
Is this now that we are going to be hit bombing campaign again here England
by these **** of the earth that crawled out there holes so IRA they are
disgusting they who **** kids with there cowardly bombs
they who can sleep In there bed at night unaffected by the screams of the children they
****ย ย 
Innocent they've have murdered with there bombs Irish Republic Army they are no Army they **** bags
who bomb pubs bombs underneath cars burst Into home and shoot people In front of there
I am still haunted by visions of two off duty
Soldiers dragged from their car by a bloodthirstyย ย crowd and then murdered by the so-called
tv Images still after all these years stuck forever In my mind and here they creeping out the woodwork again to commit their evil acts If what I write offends anyone such as the so called IRA then so be It needs to be said
there Is no place for **** like this
who sleep at night In their beds with screams of children they ****** In their ears there will be a justice In life and those who ****** will answer for despicable
IRA **** of the Earth
lowest of low they who
sleep at night with the
screams of the children
they **** with their cowardly
bombs they no Army murderers that all they
Johnny walker
Written by
Johnny walker  66/M/Grantham
     Perry and Gods1son
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