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Mar 2019
We are but machines of flesh and bone.
Carried forward by our ingrained desires.
I love you, because my DNA strives to further the gene pool.
Not because my heart is telling me that you, are “The One”.
I feel scared, when my friends ****** a cigarette into my shaking hands, not because I’m being betrayed by the very people I trust
But because my brain is telling me i’m in danger
That wooshy feeling when I dance with you isn’t glee
It’s adrenaline, telling me I need to run
I eat, sleep and dream because a pile of mush in my skull tells me to
How mundane is that?
How very dull.
Knowing that each thing we do isn’t original at all
And free choice is an illusion
We’re all slave to our bodies
Living from meal, to meal to meal.
Half of the people I brush shoulders with are as dumb as the animals they’re descended from.
And me, doomed to live in this walking nightmare we call life
till the end
as one of them.
Written by
Eddie  15/M
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